Highest Potential, Unleashed your Highest Potential, Good pusher

Unleash your potential: Who Push YOU?

Unleash your Highest Potential

I came across the book Unleash Your Highest Potential by Vic & Avelynn Garcia. In the introduction of this book, there was a story about a rich old man who wanted to marry off his ‘unica hija’ to bequeath his estate before he was taken out of the picture. To make the long story short, after he had held a competition from where all ages and physique have joined. One man has crossed the ponds of different kinds of dangerous animals. The old man was elated that this man was fearless to cross the pond. He then asked the man the three options i.e. (1) 10 million pesos, (2) 10 hectares of land, and (3) marrying his daughter. But the man who crossed the pond said no to all options but asked who pushed him.



The moral of the story was that sometimes we are limiting our own potential saying it is hard or I can’t. But we did! We overcame those obstacles and/or challenges or those things we say ‘we can’t’ because we were pushed whether it was a person or circumstances. Now, who pushed you matters. Because to quote the author, “the kind of life you have today whether good or bad, is a consequence of the fact that you allowed someone to push you!”. This hits me! I then realized that yes I have those limiting situations where I feared and that no one pushed me or that I allowed that person who discouraged me not to do it. With these realizations, we should be cautious of those who we allow to push us. Are they pushing us to unleash our highest potentials, and to our success and happiness?

Highest Potential, Unleashed your Highest Potential, Good pusher

I am recommending this book for you to read on. This was just the introduction of the book. How much more can you learn and re-learn if you read the whole book.

Hope you have a good read and may this blog help you find what you are looking for. And that we may find that someone who will push us to unleashed our highest potential. And that may our circumstances lead us to unleashed our capabilities in a positive outcome.

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