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Brighter Life Facts: The truth on Hospital Income Benefits

Hospital Income Benefits Facts

Wouldn’t it be nice that as we are confined in the hospital we still receive an income? Yes, that is the sole purpose of Hospital Income Benefits or HIB. It provides client security in terms of income.

Hospital Income Benefits

When we are hospitalized either through sickness or accidents, this can be caused by disruption to our income. As they say, no work/no pay. We may even have holiday paid leaves to shoulder the absences during this period however being hospitalized is not anticipated. Most of the paid leave was already used or been planned to be used for relaxing/vacation.

This kind of disruption also affects our budgets to our daily/monthly commitments like bills and dues. With your Hospital Income Benefits, takes care of our day-to-day expenses and helps recover without worries.


  • Hospitalization benefits or Hospital Income Benefit. Worry less about costly hospital bills due to confinement, surgery, long-term hospitalization or admission to an intensive care unit (ICU). A fixed cash benefit will be paid to you for each day of hospitalization, the amount of which is dependent on the plan chosen.
  • Protection benefits. Secure your family’s future with life insurance protection that is equal to the total premiums* paid. The protection benefit doubles in the event of accidental death. For total disability, premiums are waived so no need to worry about future premiums due.
  • Money-back feature for Sun First Aid Plus. With the plan’s “money back feature,” you will get up to 75% of your money back based on total premiums* paid on your policy’s 10th anniversary if the Insured outlives the protection period.

This is an affordable plan suited to compliment your HMO. 

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